Risk board game rules video

Boardgame Beast presents a Risk board game rules video. How to set up and how to play in simple step-by-step instructions

Duration : 0:8:57

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8 Responses to “Risk board game rules video”

  1. halofan1171 Says:

    i confused how do …
    i confused how do you get cards

  2. NeoKal Says:

    @boardgamebeast …
    @boardgamebeast This is from the official rule booklet, p12 “Eliminating Another Player” 2nd paragraph.

    (After eliminating another player) “If your new hand of Territory cards is now 5 or more, you must stop and immediately turn a set in for bonus reinforcements. You place these reinforcements into any of your territories. If you still have 5 or more cards, then turn in another set and place these reinforcements as well. Finally, when you have 4 or fewer cards, continue your turn.”

  3. boardgamebeast Says:

    @elbo3526 — yeah, …
    @elbo3526 — yeah, the MINIMUM is the number you throw, not the MAXIMUM. That would take a long time!

  4. boardgamebeast Says:

    @elbo3526 — we …
    @elbo3526 — we used to play all night and still not have a winner. I guess you can play as attacking or defensive as you want. For us it was more about eating candy, drinking wine and coffee and having a laugh.

    There are fast-play rules in the new edition.

  5. boardgamebeast Says:

    @y901 — probably …
    @y901 — probably helps if you spend time fostering relationships rather than cracking wise online ;)

  6. boardgamebeast Says:

    @1tootall96 — make …
    @1tootall96 — make change from a territory on the board. Or use an alternative to units, like M&Ms.

  7. boardgamebeast Says:

    @NeoKal — common …
    @NeoKal — common misconception. Check the rules again. The cash in anytime you have five is a house rule.

  8. boardgamebeast Says:

    @whiteNnrdy1 — …
    @whiteNnrdy1 — there are regular and alternate rules (with a third neutral army) for two players.

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